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5 Zombies That Can Eat My Brains

by z on Mar.09, 2010, under Movie

A couple weeks ago we made a list of essential Zombie hotties most of which were coming from Art or Games. We now are looking at Zombie Mommas in Zombie Films. Each one of these beautiful flesh eaters had been bitten or infected but didn’t necessarily turn into a Zombie.

Pontypool Horror Movie

#5 Georgina Reilly Played Laurel-Ann Drummond Played in Pontypool. Pontypool is a 2009 Canadian horror film directed by Bruce McDonald and adapted by Tony Burgess from his own novel Pontypool Changes Everything. Laurel-Ann starts off as the audio tech for a Pontypool (Ontario) radio station but soon falls victum to the audio virus which is affecting the entire town. She attempts to eat her co-workers but they hid in the audio booth. Eventually she bleeds out with a death toll of ZERO. Not too good on the Death Toll but she looked good trying. Georgina has a background in singing and theatre. Movie History Pontypool, Plums and Prunes, The Dark Room, RRunaway (CW Network)

Diary of the Dead

#4 Tatiana Maslany Played Mary in Diary of the Dead. George Romero’s movie about a group of student making a film during the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, (the shaky camera zombie movie)… Mary is the religious student who is horrified after running over a Zombie traffic cop. She becomes so scared and depressed she attempts to take her own life with a bullet to the head. Unfortunately for everyone the bullet slices through her cheek and not her brain killing her but also turning her into a zombie which eventually tries to eat the rest of the students. Tatiana’s filmogtraphy is mostly Canadian TV shows and the odd indie film. She has recently been honoured with a World Cinema Special Jury Prize for her “Breakout Performance” in Adriana Maggs’ coming-of-age drama, Grown Up Movie Star.
George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead

Dawn of The Dead

#3 Inna Korobkina played Luda in Dawn of The Dean. Dawn is a 2004 remake of the 1978 Geroge Romero Classic. Luda is a pregnent survivor whose been bitten by a Zombie. The father wanting to save the baby at all costs ties up his zombie wife so she can deliver the baby… Eventually the Zombie Jr pops out and all sorts of disgusting chaos ensues. Inna Korobkina is ex Russian model living in Canada as a actress.
Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director’s Cut)

Return of the Living Dead strip show

#2 Linnea Barbara Quigley Played Trash in The Return of the Living Dead. It is a classic 80′s Zombie film directed by John A. Russo. Trash starts off a a 80′s punk rocker doing a strip show for her friends in a cemetery. She’s basically the standard hot 80′s chick. When asked in the movie what her worse death would be she says “Mm. Well for me, the worst way would be for a bunch of old men to get around me, and start biting and eating me alive”. well thats exactly what happens to her. Linnea Barbara Quigley filmography is huge with films ranging from 1994 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings and 1988 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.

Manuela Velasco

#1 Manuela Velascoplayed a Ángela Vidal in REC and REC2. If you haven’t heard about REC or REC2 you’ve probably heard of the American remake Quarantine. The Spanish version takes a more religious approach to the infection affecting a apartment complex and is a bit more scary. Both REC and REC 2 are fucking amazing horror films GO SEE THEM you won’t be disappointed. Manuela Velasco is a Spanish TV presenter and actress. Velasco filmography is Spanish TV and small Spanish films she was made famous recently starring in the lead role of the in REC. She doesn’t turn into anything evil in the first REC but in the second one she becomes the ultimate evil and in the most disgusting way… awesome. Manuela wins on Kills for the power she gets in the second film makes her one mean being.

Special award goes out to the hard working girls in Zombie Women of Satan

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Zombie Movie Pontypool

PontyPool is a Canadian “Zombie” Horror film. The story is set in the small Canadian town of Ponypool, the entire film takes place at a radio station. Stephen McHattie stars as Grant Mazzy the morning DJ, Lisa Houle plays Sydney Briar and Georgina Reilly plays Laurel-Ann Drummond as the audio Tech. They start taking reports of extreme, bloody incidents of violence in riots occurring in town people describe the actions as zombie like. The radio station has a “Sunshine Chopper” which is really a dodge dart, Ken Loney the pilot of the dart starts to report in on the gruesome events. Menedez a doctor joins the group and they begin to believe that there is a audio virus travelling through the English language like a mass hypnosis. The audio tech gets infected so the producer, DJ and Doctor lock themselves in the audio booth. the infected Laurel Ann tries to smash through but eventually bleeds out and dies. The group in the audio booth begin speaking French and are uninfected by the infection. They figure out how to destroy the infection by swaping words, they try to contact the Canadian Military but instead here a count down……….

PonyPool was a decent movie, Stephen McHattie’s performance was top notch and his fighting with Lisa Houles was great. Not your standard ZOMBIE MOVIE which was nice to see.

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