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Plants Vs. Zombie the Board Game

by z on Feb.19, 2011, under Game

This was seen at the Toy Fair 2011. It is still a prototype but will be retailed later in the year. Seeing how popular the iPone and Pc versions were this game is going to be huge. Plants Vs. Zombie the Board Game will be 2 to 4 players, there will be 80 zombies and 40 plant cards. Standard Dice are used to determine the outcome of combat.

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Killing Floor Soundtrack by zYnthetic

by z on Apr.18, 2010, under Game, Video

I’m a huge Killing Floor Fan, it’s all around one of the best PC Games out right now Check it out if your into First person Horror Shooters with wicked ass co-op. Here are some songs from the game made by zYnthetic it’s damn good. Brainsbrainsbrains.org also runs a KF Game server which goes by the same name.

” Its a co-op survival horror game. Up to 6 players in online co-op mode, or just you, on your own, playing the Solo mode. The aim cleanse each area of zombies, in waves, until you get to the last one. The Big One. The Patriarch. Then exterminate him, too. Actually, they arent zombies. They are the left-over specimens from a cheap and dirty government program to clone soldier-monsters. The basic ones will just munch on your arm and try to disembowel you. The bigger ones were the first ones they tried arming. Nothing much. Just a chainsaw or a blade for starters. They had just got on to the chain gun and rockets when the government tried to secretly shut down their secret program. ”

Game Overview

Killing Floor “Abandon All”

Killing Floor “Containment Breach”

Killing Floor “Pathogen”

Killing Floor “Hunger”(Remaster)

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