Worst Places to be During A Zombie Outbreak

by z on Apr.09, 2010, under Humor

Akula Submarine Zombie Apocalypse

#5 Akula class ballistic missile submarine The worlds largest Submarine it holds 163 men and has a displacement of 33,800 tons. Being nuclear powered the Akula class sub can stay submerged for 180days with a full complement of crew. Being stuck in this beast with a hundred zombies lurking around is a scary thought especially if it’s submerged at 400m in the Arctic Ocean. On the flip side I couldn’t think of a safer place to be during a Zombie Apocalypse provided theres no Zombies on board.
Image source English Russia

Kibera Zombie Apocalypse

#4 Kibera Sure we could fill this list with 5 slums and each one would be a horrible place to be in with or without Zombies but this one in Kenya is particularly terrifying. Take 1.5 million inhabitants in a space roughly the size of central park (2.5 square kilometres)and what you have is fucking chaos, then sprinkle in some zombies.. holy shit. None of the buildings appear to be able to withstand a Zombie horde the population density is massive. The only thing you got going for you is the availability of weapons.

Mumbai Zombie Apocalypse
#3 Mumbai This city wins number 3 solely based on its massive population density. With 13,830,884 people crammed in a area of 603 square kilometers you’re looking at one giant Zombie meat grinder. Mumbai has one metric dick load of people mix in a zombie infection and your in some big trouble…

kowlon walled city

#2 Kowloon Walled City At its peak the walled city housed 33K people stuffed in a area of 0.026 square Km. The history of the walled city is quite interesting, after the treaty between Britain and the Chinese in 1898 the British took Hong Kong leaving a small section to the Chinese this became the walled city. After WW2 the Japanese were ousted from he region leaving the walled city to be ungoverned. Soon this place became controlled by crime syndicates making it a haven for prostitution and drug use, sadly the place was demolished in 1993. A side note the kumata featured in Bloodsport was located in the walled city. Imagine dealing with Zombies in a development so tightly packed that you couldn’t see the daily light at the city streets.

Tokyo Subway Zombie
#1 Tokyo Metro this was a tough one between the Japanese and Russian subways. The Russian subway definitely wins out with general craziness but Japan clobbers it with shear volume. 8.7 million daily riders in 280+ stations.. If you can’t get out during a outbreak your as good as dead.. heck even if you do get out your in a city of 13million … I guess you’re screwed either way.

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