The Last Stand Episode 5 Best Intentions “What Kind of Logic is that Crack Head”

by z on Apr.05, 2010, under Movie, Video

The Last Stand

We’ve been following the kickass web-series THE LAST STAND since the beginning of this site and have become Massive fans. The best Zombie Web-series out there, if you like Zombies, Horror or post apocalyptic stories this show is a must.

Episode 5 revivals that the zombie plague began as a bio weapon. They venture into a weapons lab where they learn the truth about the plagues origins. The episode ends with a horde of Zombies busting into the lab giving the survivors 2 choices, “Do we close the door or take one last stand”

Some questions shouldn’t be answered. Some answers aren’t good enough considering the circumstances. One of these will prove to be the case. No hope, no St. Teresa’s, shit storms everywhere. With no other options, Davis, Shots, Beth, and Tenison have all journeyed to what may very well be the origin of all their viral problems. This may very well end this chapter, one way or another.

Series one conclusion. Be sure to stay up to date for information about series two and episode 6.

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