Zombie Chronicles: The Infected

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Zombie Chronicles
Zombie Chronicles:The infected is a new Zombie Movie anthology produced/directed by Marvin Suarez and Infected Pictures. The story takes place during a Zombie Apocalypse it follows small pockets of survivors as they deal with the crumbling world around them. There is a plan for three parts the first is about the Zombie plague breaking loose in New York City. Each episode is being released independently the first is slated for a October 21st 2010 release with the remaining 2 out in 2011. A feature film will stitch the shows together into a feature film. This one is definitely worth giving a second look check out their official site

If you were trapped inside a New York Apartment surrounded by Zombies with no Weapons, Limited food and water, with no way to escape, what would you do?

The city is infected with zombies, two Emergency Medical Technicians “Josh and Sarah” are in the middle of the chaotic city trying to save lives. They are on a mission to find Sarah’s daughter who is trapped inside a high-rise apartment building infested with zombies. Sarah and Josh then become trapped inside the apartment and must find a way to survive the horror that awaits them.

Zombie Chronicles Trailer 1

Zombie Chronicles Trailer 2

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