Zombie Art and Zombie Toys by UndeadEd

by z on Mar.11, 2010, under Art, Toy

Only thing brainsbrainsbrains likes more than Lego Zombies is a solid Undead Artist and Zombie Toy like the stuff produced by Zombie Doll Maker and artist UndeadEd Check out his UndeadEd’s shop and prepare to be amazed at some of the most gory toys and Zombie art pieces you’ll ever come across.. it’s simple amazing. Taking a look at his collection makes one think that all these toys have been buried in a Toy Cemetery and have shambled out of their graves in the search of brains. I’ll post two of his works to give you a taste.

Zombie Toy
This beautiful little guy goes by the name of Rot Tot “Tabatha the Thumb Sucking Zombie”. Its 7.5inches has fully working thumb sucking functionality.

Tabatha comes with a certificate of authenticity

Zombie Leprechaun
This creepy Irish man is on sale for $40, what better way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day on March 17 than with this “Zombie Leprechaun”

Comes with a certificate of authenticity

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