Toyota Rises From the Dead… With a New Zombie Ad

by z on Feb.18, 2010, under News

Toyota Zombie Ad

Toyota has had it rough these past couple months with the recent recall of millions of their top selling autos due to catastrophic acceleration and braking defects. Now there is talks that the venerable Toyota Corolla is going to be hauled in due to power steering issues. All these problems are causing consumers to flee Toyota’s show rooms for Hyundai, GM and Ford. I guess you could saying Toyota’s perfect reputation is dead…. but wait their not dead they’re just moving into a brand new market “Zombie proof” rides. It appears that the new Corolla is “Equipped for a zombie attack or just…life”. In a hilarious move Toyota has released a print ad in US magazines featuring Zombies wearing t-shirts saying “SURVIVAL OF THE DRIVEN” it’s funny, stupid and cool all at the same time. I’m now half expecting Microsoft to come out with a new ad feature Seinfeld as a zombie trying to sell Bing as a zombie optimized search engine that will get your query results in the case of a Z war.

Toyota Zombie ad Link # 1
Toyota Zombie ad Link # 2

Seriously Toyota if there really was a zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t be cruising in a Corolla i’ll take Dead Reckoning Or at least that winnebago from Diary of the Dead.

Land of the dead Dead Reckoning

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