The Last Stand, “3 ribs deep in a stock-brokers chest”

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The Last Stand Zombie Film

Check out The Last Stand a Indie Web Series that takes you into a Zombie Apocalypse. This is a highly entertaining Zombie show that get noticeable better after every episode. The fact that it’s done on the cheap makes it seem all the more real, while the acting can be a little rough at times but they do a believable job making you think they’re in a Zombie Apocalypse. The death count is high so don’t get attached to a character good chance they won’t make it, this is also a one of the rare Zombie Movies that has kid Zombies munching on bones (pretty damn scary).

An airborne virus known as the Campion Virus, is spreading like wildfire through the populous. When it mutates, it leaves millions dead. The second mutation brings about an even more terrifying threat. The infected are now raging like rabid animals. While the infection seems spread only through fluid, the threat of this virus getting to the survivors of the airborne version is just as horrifying as ever.

Seven people start out trying to make it out of the city and across the river to a place they had heard about before the media went quiet. They are running from zombie, the left overs of the military trying to fire bomb the infected, and themselves. Limited supplies and itchy trigger fingers have caused this group to come to their last chances of survival.

Directed By Martin Vavra
Assistant Director Rachel Bennett
Written by Martin Vavra and Rachel Bennett

Episode one has the survivors arguing whether to leave a child they have with, theres some infighting and one person is knocked out and left behind. They find out the place there in is going to get destroyed so they try to make it to the river for safety.

Episode two Has the few survivors across the river. Theres a brutle zombie attack but the group is saved by another living patrol.

Episode Three Link

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